Want to Learn Aquaponics?

Many aquaponics facilities can be found in the United States. But what about in a third world country?

CWE Missions and their partners are on pace to be the first to develop a self-sustaining Aquaponics facility, not just in one, but two cities in a third-world country.

Whether you are a native who wants to run aquaponics in your own town or village or you are looking for a humanitarian/missions outreach, there is training to help prepare you for your project.

Training is available on-site at the 6,000 sq.ft aquaponics facility in Kpalime, Togo West Africa which has been operating for two years fusing hydroponics and aquaculture into what is now known as aquaponics.

You will learn from local trainers who will help you:

- How to grow vegetables and herbs in water (hydroponics)
- How to raise fish (aquaculture)
- Understand the process
- Troubleshooting techniques
- How it can help sustain food for a village
- FOR MISSIONS: How to use it to share The Gospel
- How to construct a facility
- How to run day-to-day operations
- And much more...

This hands on, in-depth training program helps you build a foundational knowledge to go and implement your aquaponics program wherever you go.

If interested in being a part of this program, Contact the CWE Office.