Touching Down in Togo - a Teen's First Mission Trip

by Tristan Curl


A 76-year-old neurosurgeon and 15-year-old high school football player, both wearing canary yellow polo shirts, bump into one another at the Delta counter in Atlanta’s Hartfield-Jackson airport. This isn’t the beginning of a joke; it’s the story of my launch into missions surrounded by a loving, kind cloud of witnesses. The neurosurgeon is CWE’s very own Jack Maniscalco on his “too numerous to count” mission trip and the student is me, Tristan Curl, on my very first international evangelism adventure.

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tristan curl and dr. jack maniscalco

tristan curl and dr. jack maniscalco


by Dr. Stephen Watson

Under the aegis of CWE, a group of 21 folks from a wide variety of backgrounds, professions, churches and locations in the United States gathered in the Miami, Florida airport on July 29, 2017. This group of people was all volunteers for a medical mission trip to the far western Honduras region. Our trip was to take some eight days and held the promise of new experiences for all of us. Everyone in our group was well aware of the fact that we were not making this trip as a pseudo-vacation. Each of us knew that this was a working trip primarily to share the Gospel in addition to the medical care that we would give. We also knew that we would have many opportunities to show our concern and compassion for the Honduran people...  

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Thank you! from Camp Gilead

We are finding it hard to truly express our appreciation. A year ago we had no idea how or when God would provide for the restoration of Camp Gilead’s fire-damaged cabin #4. We were overwhelmed with the need and prayed for a miracle while claiming the promises of Deuteronomy 31:8 which says, “The Lord Himself goes before you and will be with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.” THANK YOU for choosing to do this project! Thank you for investing in children through the ministry of Camp Gilead and for letting your light shine for Jesus right here in Polk City.

Not only do we have a beautiful building ready for God's use, but we have been greatly encouraged by your love and support. Thank you for serving the Father with integrity and for caring about the spiritual needs of your volunteers.  We will also be forever grateful that God used you to minister to our family.

We’ve loved CWE because of the reports we’ve heard over the years but now we’ve experienced the blessing of being ministered to by you all. Truly, CWE is much more than construction missions. We are proud of you for serving the Father so well.  Please convey our sincere appreciation to the rest of the CWE staff and the volunteers who served here. We praise God for you all and pray that He will richly bless each of you, your families and your ministry.  

Sincerely, Bobby & Karen Williams
Camp Gilead, FL


By God's grace, CWE has been able to spend the past 25 years participating in His plan to transform lives for the sake of the Gospel. As we look back and celebrate the lives that He has changed, using ordinary people like you and me, it's truly a story like that of the loaves and fishes—God can do so much with so little. We’ve heard the accounts of so many people whose lives and ministries are forever changed.

Missionaries around the world have been able to avoid years of work and frustration constructing a building with limited funds and expertise. Through medical missions, they've seen “dead-bolted doors” to hearts thrown open and thousands of people make decisions for Christ in a single week. Many national people in these areas hear the Gospel for the first time through a CWE project, and then learn and grow in the knowledge of Christ for years to come in a CWE building.

But the transformations don't just happen "over there." Our American volunteers get to meet God in unique ways, leaving behind the normalcy of life and connecting with strangers-turned-lifelong friends. They come home having their spiritual “fire” for service rekindled.

And then there are those who support the ministry in other ways. Those who handle the administration, fundraising, travel details and logistics of transporting volunteers, food, supplies, tools, and medicines for each trip. Many others cannot go, but are active givers and prayer warriors for those who do. The impact of these faithful servants, without ever leaving the country, will be such a sight to behold in Heaven!

So whichever of these categories you find yourself in, know that we are grateful for your partnership in this 25-year endeavor!

Alan Green
CWE Blueprint Editor

Green, A. (2017, April 04). 25 Years. Countless Lives Transformed. CWE Blueprint. (paraphrase).


I would like to take this opportunity to first thank you for choosing me to go on the wonderful trip to Bolivia. I was so excited to be able to share both medicine and the gospel. As so often happens, I left for the trip thinking I had something to offer the Bolivian people; however, I was the one who received the blessing by seeing people’s lives changed, as well as my own. First, seeing the people’s needs made me so appreciative of my life here and so thankful to God for the blessings I have received. I really enjoyed the exposure to the variety of cases we saw at the clinic sites.

However, above all, I loved having the opportunity to share the gospel. I count it a true blessing to have been able to share the Evangicube to some who made professions of faith in Christ. I was struck by the joy that many had despite their difficult circumstances. This was especially exemplified by one young man who, although being severely crippled by a head injury, had such a positive outlook on life.

His perspective inspires me to be mindful of my attitude, regardless of my circumstances. I especially enjoyed the devotions that were so relevant and meaningful. Now, every time I read the verses we covered, as well as the theme from Proverbs 3:5,6, it brings back all the memories of the lessons. Following our trip to Bolivia, my goal is to commit my life and actions to the Lord while trying to be a witness for Him among my peers. God bless you for all that you do for Him.

Thank you again,

Jake Laun

-Originally posted March 18, 2015.


First we want to thank our Almighty God who heard our prayers of our need for this building since we started this new work for Him.

For us, as a church of Christ, it is great satisfaction and we feel great joy to see the desire fulfilled, of having a temple to worship our God in without suffering the affects of bad weather, thanks to you. What a precious gift you have given us.

Now all the members of "Mount Horeb" Baptist Church, have the big challenge of winnng souls and filling the place with people who do not know the love of our great God and the great things God is doing in the lives of those that believe. Filling this building will be our biggest challenge as a church starting now. We have seen a number of neighbors come and visit already and the neighborhood is surprised to see a church being completed in three weeks.

The biggest reason for this letter is to express our deep appreciation to CWE Missions. We appreciate the great sacrifice that you have made because of the love of God. Truly you were a great example to us. There is a verse in the Bible that characterizes all of what you showed to us, 2 Corinthians 12:15. “And I will very gladly spend and be spent for you.”

Here, all of us will be praying for you always, trusting our God to be blessing your lives and your families. We say goodbye again, expressing our deep appreciation for the great work you have done here in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

God Bless,

Mount Horeb Baptist Church
Pastor Luis Condori

-Originally published March 18, 2015.


I had been married for 49 years when my beloved husband was killed on his motorcycle in August of 2008. My husband, Walt, and I had served together within our church in the Life Discovery Ministry. We facilitated various classes, but our passion was the marriage classes.

Walt had been on two CWE construction trips, and he loved it. He would have gone on many more but the Lord took him home instead. After Walt’s death, Nancy and Terry Schmidt encouraged me to go on my first medical trip with CWE/CMS. They thought it would be good for me in recovering from my deep grief. I needed to find out what God had for me to do, to find my own identity in Christ as a single woman. I couldn’t wait to go on a second trip!

The Dominican Republic CMS trip in February 2011 was my second trip with CWE/CMS. I went on the mission trip because I wanted to be a blessing to others. But I was blessed far more than I expected. I felt like God could still use me if I would just step out. I had been sitting on the sidelines for too long, and this trip helped me get back in the game. My heart was touched, as I touched the people of the Dominican Republic. I was frustrated at times because I could not speak their language. However, God showed me how to love them through my service of meeting their physical needs which prepared them for hearing, through the evangelists on our team, how much God loved them, that He gave His only Son to die for them, and that they could receive this free gift for their spiritual healing. Over 500 responded saying they wanted that free gift of salvation!

If you are considering a trip in the future, go for it! God has given you the skills, be it construction, cooking, medical skills, evangelism or helps. Now use them for Him! It is much more exciting and rewarding than traveling for pleasure. My life will never be the same.

Barbara Wolcott

-Originally published March 18, 2015.


CWE has been a great blessing to our church, to our community, and to those of us who serve God. We have been impacted by your talent, work, organization and the availability of each of the volunteers. Above all those things is the love that God has poured out on us through them. Few times have we felt loved and appreciated by brothers that we didn’t even know. CWE stays in our hearts not only because of a beautiful church building, but for the love shown to believers and unbelievers alike.

The work of CWE has truly been a great testimony. The people were very impressed at the speed of the work and how all the details came together in the final phases to bring about such a beautiful building. It is not a matter of money, but that our God deserves the best. In the last few days we have seen visitors coming in and I am sure that the impact of CWE and the motivation of the church will last a long time. May God bless CWE, the Board of Directors, the volunteers, and all the helpers and donors in this project of God.

Pastor Lenin

-Originally posted Wednesday, March 18, 2015.


What do 81 people, 5 weeks and generous donations equal? Two new buildings and one week of medical evangelism!  CWE added a much needed obstetrics/maternity wing to our small, thirty-five bed hospital in Togo, W. Africa in Feb 2010.

Before the addition, our women in labor were placed in a small 6 x 6 room across from the nurse's station. If there was an emergency c-section needed, the woman in distress had to be wheeled thru crowded areas full of visitors, staff, and patients to get to the OR. After any type of delivery (natural or c-section), the mother and child were then placed on the large 12 bed women's ward where sick or healthy stayed together.

After the addition by CWE, we now have a separate ward for women and new babies, and a separate large, four bed labor and delivery room almost directly across from the OR with privacy. When one walks from the women's ward, where the sick women stay, thru the double wooden doors into the bright new "healthy" maternity wing, it is like walking "thru the wardrobe and into Narnia," as our pediatrician, Dr. Russ Ebersole likes to state.

Since we are a small, mission hospital one of our biggest needs is "manpower" and funds. We already had a 5 room guest house, but that really limited us to singles, couples, and small families. CWE helped us to also build (at the same time as building the new maternity wing) a large, two room addition to our guest house with bathrooms and showers.

This will enable us to host teams (or larger families) of anywhere from 6 to 16 people at once. This is in addition to our other rooms and will greatly enhance our ministry.

And after all the building was done, one of the most enjoyable parts was the week of medical evangelism with CWE Christian Medical Services bringing volunteers from all over the United States. Being in the medical profession ourselves, we got the privilege of going out with the medical evangelism team and working in 4 villages that were chosen for medical and evangelistic outreach. There were 100's of nationals treated for medical and dental reasons as well as many reading glasses donated. But the most important part was the evangelistic team members who shared the gospel with all the patients who were seen. Each person's spiritual health was addressed with many professions of faith. Right now the pastors in those areas are very busy with follow-up.

81 people, 5 weeks and generous donations also equals a lot of new relationships built and much fruit for His Kingdom! The missionaries, the nationals, and the team members were all greatly blessed! For His Glory! Thanks CWE and volunteers!

By Dr. Michael and Cheryl Gayle, RN, 
ABWE Togo, W. Africa

-Originally posted Wednesday, March 18, 2015.