By God's grace, CWE has been able to spend the past 25 years participating in His plan to transform lives for the sake of the Gospel. As we look back and celebrate the lives that He has changed, using ordinary people like you and me, it's truly a story like that of the loaves and fishes—God can do so much with so little. We’ve heard the accounts of so many people whose lives and ministries are forever changed.

Missionaries around the world have been able to avoid years of work and frustration constructing a building with limited funds and expertise. Through medical missions, they've seen “dead-bolted doors” to hearts thrown open and thousands of people make decisions for Christ in a single week. Many national people in these areas hear the Gospel for the first time through a CWE project, and then learn and grow in the knowledge of Christ for years to come in a CWE building.

But the transformations don't just happen "over there." Our American volunteers get to meet God in unique ways, leaving behind the normalcy of life and connecting with strangers-turned-lifelong friends. They come home having their spiritual “fire” for service rekindled.

And then there are those who support the ministry in other ways. Those who handle the administration, fundraising, travel details and logistics of transporting volunteers, food, supplies, tools, and medicines for each trip. Many others cannot go, but are active givers and prayer warriors for those who do. The impact of these faithful servants, without ever leaving the country, will be such a sight to behold in Heaven!

So whichever of these categories you find yourself in, know that we are grateful for your partnership in this 25-year endeavor!

Alan Green
CWE Blueprint Editor

Green, A. (2017, April 04). 25 Years. Countless Lives Transformed. CWE Blueprint. (paraphrase).