First we want to thank our Almighty God who heard our prayers of our need for this building since we started this new work for Him.

For us, as a church of Christ, it is great satisfaction and we feel great joy to see the desire fulfilled, of having a temple to worship our God in without suffering the affects of bad weather, thanks to you. What a precious gift you have given us.

Now all the members of "Mount Horeb" Baptist Church, have the big challenge of winnng souls and filling the place with people who do not know the love of our great God and the great things God is doing in the lives of those that believe. Filling this building will be our biggest challenge as a church starting now. We have seen a number of neighbors come and visit already and the neighborhood is surprised to see a church being completed in three weeks.

The biggest reason for this letter is to express our deep appreciation to CWE Missions. We appreciate the great sacrifice that you have made because of the love of God. Truly you were a great example to us. There is a verse in the Bible that characterizes all of what you showed to us, 2 Corinthians 12:15. “And I will very gladly spend and be spent for you.”

Here, all of us will be praying for you always, trusting our God to be blessing your lives and your families. We say goodbye again, expressing our deep appreciation for the great work you have done here in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

God Bless,

Mount Horeb Baptist Church
Pastor Luis Condori

-Originally published March 18, 2015.