I had been married for 49 years when my beloved husband was killed on his motorcycle in August of 2008. My husband, Walt, and I had served together within our church in the Life Discovery Ministry. We facilitated various classes, but our passion was the marriage classes.

Walt had been on two CWE construction trips, and he loved it. He would have gone on many more but the Lord took him home instead. After Walt’s death, Nancy and Terry Schmidt encouraged me to go on my first medical trip with CWE/CMS. They thought it would be good for me in recovering from my deep grief. I needed to find out what God had for me to do, to find my own identity in Christ as a single woman. I couldn’t wait to go on a second trip!

The Dominican Republic CMS trip in February 2011 was my second trip with CWE/CMS. I went on the mission trip because I wanted to be a blessing to others. But I was blessed far more than I expected. I felt like God could still use me if I would just step out. I had been sitting on the sidelines for too long, and this trip helped me get back in the game. My heart was touched, as I touched the people of the Dominican Republic. I was frustrated at times because I could not speak their language. However, God showed me how to love them through my service of meeting their physical needs which prepared them for hearing, through the evangelists on our team, how much God loved them, that He gave His only Son to die for them, and that they could receive this free gift for their spiritual healing. Over 500 responded saying they wanted that free gift of salvation!

If you are considering a trip in the future, go for it! God has given you the skills, be it construction, cooking, medical skills, evangelism or helps. Now use them for Him! It is much more exciting and rewarding than traveling for pleasure. My life will never be the same.

Barbara Wolcott

-Originally published March 18, 2015.