What do 81 people, 5 weeks and generous donations equal? Two new buildings and one week of medical evangelism!  CWE added a much needed obstetrics/maternity wing to our small, thirty-five bed hospital in Togo, W. Africa in Feb 2010.

Before the addition, our women in labor were placed in a small 6 x 6 room across from the nurse's station. If there was an emergency c-section needed, the woman in distress had to be wheeled thru crowded areas full of visitors, staff, and patients to get to the OR. After any type of delivery (natural or c-section), the mother and child were then placed on the large 12 bed women's ward where sick or healthy stayed together.

After the addition by CWE, we now have a separate ward for women and new babies, and a separate large, four bed labor and delivery room almost directly across from the OR with privacy. When one walks from the women's ward, where the sick women stay, thru the double wooden doors into the bright new "healthy" maternity wing, it is like walking "thru the wardrobe and into Narnia," as our pediatrician, Dr. Russ Ebersole likes to state.

Since we are a small, mission hospital one of our biggest needs is "manpower" and funds. We already had a 5 room guest house, but that really limited us to singles, couples, and small families. CWE helped us to also build (at the same time as building the new maternity wing) a large, two room addition to our guest house with bathrooms and showers.

This will enable us to host teams (or larger families) of anywhere from 6 to 16 people at once. This is in addition to our other rooms and will greatly enhance our ministry.

And after all the building was done, one of the most enjoyable parts was the week of medical evangelism with CWE Christian Medical Services bringing volunteers from all over the United States. Being in the medical profession ourselves, we got the privilege of going out with the medical evangelism team and working in 4 villages that were chosen for medical and evangelistic outreach. There were 100's of nationals treated for medical and dental reasons as well as many reading glasses donated. But the most important part was the evangelistic team members who shared the gospel with all the patients who were seen. Each person's spiritual health was addressed with many professions of faith. Right now the pastors in those areas are very busy with follow-up.

81 people, 5 weeks and generous donations also equals a lot of new relationships built and much fruit for His Kingdom! The missionaries, the nationals, and the team members were all greatly blessed! For His Glory! Thanks CWE and volunteers!

By Dr. Michael and Cheryl Gayle, RN, 
ABWE Togo, W. Africa

-Originally posted Wednesday, March 18, 2015.