"Wow! I haven't been able to 'shake that special week' for anything. Every day, scenes pass through my mind and many linger there. What a blessing it was to be part of your team with one special goal in mind and heart, the salvation of precious souls for Jesus!" -Pastor Dick Cagle

"I believe God has given us a very definite, valuable ministry through CWE. It is certainly important to continue such help to God's work in so many places. The ministry the trips have upon the team members is life-changing." - Rev. Hyatt

"As an Associate Pastor, I have helped organize numerous missions conferences, seen scores of slide presentations, participated in question and answer sessions with missionaries, and have many dear missionary friends. However as a result of this trip, I don't know about foreign missions, I know foreign missions." - Pastor Terry Thompson


"God used CWE to expose me to missions. One week after coming home from my CWE trip to St. Lucia, I surrendered to be a full-time missionary. I am now a full-time missionary serving with BIMI missions in Papua New Guinea." - Debra Crawford

"When I left for Bolivia I was not saved. What had started out as just an adventure turned into my eternal salvation." - Jennifer Huntsman

"In a ministry like CWE, we not only see God working in the construction of buildings, but we also see Him working in the construction of lives for His glory. 'HAND ME ANOTHER BRICK - I'm Ready!!!'" - Flavil Hendershot


"Never in the history of our country has a building been built as quickly as Maranatha Baptist Church. Everyone in the area is talking, including the Minister of Government. CONCRETE SPEAKS!!!" - Denise Celestine, National Pastor/Missionary St. Georges, Grenada

"The focus of the CWE volunteers was not only "Let's build a building!" They saw beyond that immediate goal to the people that would fill the building. They have touched the very lives of the people of Missionary Baptist Church in ways that we may never know completely until we get to heaven." - Jake Wiebe, BIMI Santa Cruz, Bolivia

"As a full-time missionary, I thank God for CWE's time in Cameroon, and their sharing a part of their lives with us. I needed to hear a challenge for my own life. It gave me a renewed vision to "stay on the wall" and go forward for Christ." - Ellen Doyle, G.F.A. Cameroon, W. Africa

"Could we have done this project without CWE's help? Yes, but it would have taken three to five times longer, cost twice as much, and been of a lesser quality. We are grateful for the vision of CWE, and the vision and personal sacrifice of each person who labored for the Lord on this project." - Dr. Jack Sorg, ABWE The Amazon, Brazil

"Missionaries struggle alone for years, hindered by limited finances, often lacking the time and skills required to build church facilities. CWE meets this need by providing the expertise and volunteer labor, thus catapulting the church growth ahead by as much as ten years. The people who benefit see their prayers answered and give thanks to the Lord who makes it all possible." - Jerry Reece, BIMI