This can be an intense, emotional experience. Going to another country, especially if you have never been out of the country can be challenging. Questions may surface, like...

'How do I raise funding?'

'Is it safe for me to go to Africa?'

'How do we protect ourselves from disease and illness?'

To be clear, here are a few things you can expect from us.


We take the time to painstakingly prepare for each and every trip.

We begin by scouting the location and gathering all the data we need in order to develop the project.


Because we take so much time here to make sure the job is done right, we have been blessed with our projects going pretty smoothly. That is not to say we never have a hiccup, just that we eliminate a lot of the issues that plague trips with other organizations because of the due diligence in this phase.


Long before you begin to pack up your suitcases for your trip, we have already packed our containers to ship all of the necessary tools, food, and supplies to the project site so that everything is waiting for our team's arrival.


Our projects typically begin on Saturday with a day of travel to our destination. We always try to attend church with the nationals on Sunday.

Monday - Thursday we begin work early in the morning, breaking in the afternoon for lunch, and end around 4 pm.

Every night after dinner there is a short devotion with each group and a chance to fellowship.

On Friday, when all of the assigned work is complete, we try to soak in the sites and experience the local culture before we prepare to return home on Saturday morning.

There is nothing more exciting than experiencing your first mission trip. Most who go on a trip end up returning for multiple trips over the course of a lifetime because of the dramatic impact it has on their life.

Should you have any questions about trip details, please feel free to ask us here.