"Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime." 

In 2013 CWE had the privilege of partnering with ABWE and MorningStar Fishermen to construct an Aquaponic Ministry Outreach Training Center at the Village of Light Blind Center in Togo, West Africa, and a solar powered Aquaponic facility in the remote bush village of Bodje, also in Togo, West Africa. The two Aquaponic facilities are approximately two hours apart and serve two completely different economically challenged communities.

Today both facilities are completely run by Togolese nationals. At the training facility they've had the privilege of teaching other Togolese, as well as individuals from Cameroon and Benin about Aquaponic farming.

We trust that not only will this initiative revolutionize farming techniques throughout Africa and help supplement diets with high protein fish, along with fresh, highly nutritious vegetables year-round, but will also be a wonderful tool to help facilitate the “spiritual needs” of people as well!


From Missionaries.

"The focus of the CWE volunteers was not only "Let's build a building!" They saw beyond that immediate goal to the people that would fill the building. They have touched the very lives of the people of Missionary Baptist Church in ways that we may never know completely until we get to heaven." - Jake Wiebe, BIMI Santa Cruz, Bolivia

From Pastors.

"Wow! I haven't been able to 'shake that special week' for anything. Every day, scenes pass through my mind and many linger there. What a blessing it was to be part of your team with one special goal in mind and heart, the salvation of precious souls for Jesus!" -Pastor Dick Cagle


From Volunteers.

"When I left for Bolivia I was not saved. What had started out as just an adventure turned into my eternal salvation." - Jennifer Huntsman